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Please look at autonomous driving-related AI systems and cases of establishments.
Smart Controller
    • Smart Controller is an embedded system verified in autonomous driving sub-controller.
    • There is a switch to select prioritizing driver in system prioritization system, and if selecting the system prioritization system, sub-controller of the vehicle is set, and then, the system is made for the situation to control the autonomous driving vehicle at ACU.
    • Research, development, and production of smart controller based on cognition and evaluation control technologies
    • R&D and production of the system using super/sub controlling technical integration platforms for smart IT integration services including cognition functional improved CPU applied smart devices, smart car, smart home, smart building, smart city, smart transport, smart factory, and smart ffarm using high-functional complex sensors
    • Control Technologies
    • High functional control technologies based on control engineering theories
      Sub-controller technologies based on logic-design autonomous driving know-know using vehicle semiconductor technologies
      The world-class sensing and positioning technologies
      Controller technologies using embedded ones
      Control technologies through collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Seoul National University