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Autonomous Vehicle Driving Permit
Permission for Autonomous
Vehicle Driving
Offering the total solutions for urban traffic autonomous vehicle driving passenger transportation business.
Autonomous Driving in Sangam-dong, Baegot, Sejong, Gangnam, and Gwangju
Smart Decision / Planning / Control System
Smart Control System
Developing and manufacturing the optimal smart sensor
and smart system controller fit to environment
Hyper-Connected for the future meta control system
Hyper-connected, precise,
and delayed control
Remote control system through
hyper-connected, precise, and delayed
Applied Smart Data Engineering for future mobility service
Application of future
mobility of smart data
Control technologies through real-time AI with both
structured and unstructured data for 4D sensor in urban area
Future Mobility Technology
Future Mobility
S.U.M. challenges for future mobility developed more from
the current autonomous driving technologies.
Autonomous Vehicle Driving Passenger
Transportation Business
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Smart Controller
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Cloud Service
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Future Mobility
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Future Mobility Technology
We have the total innovative technologies in mobility.
Our Own Patented Technologies


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자율주행 분야에 대한 모빌리티 토탈 혁신기술을 보유
소프트웨어, 빅데이터, 인프라 연계기술 및 차량 개조, 시스템 보드 기술을 기반으로 자율주행
AI 기술을 활용한 미래모빌리티 분야 인지판단 시스템, 스마트 제어 시스템, 인지 퓨전 센서 제품화 기술 등